In Jennica’s Words:

1-love is freedom & acceptance

2- (I) think I”m still trying to understand it… there are so many layers to love. Loving someone while being selfish. Loving someone without losing yourself but also growing and bettering yourself and growing together. I think to understand love it a little like losing the self because one must let go all they know or previous concept and belief to understand one facet.
3-understood that love is unconditional and I am capable of loving someone more than myself. How much of myself I am willing to sacrifice for their well being. How love isn’t a linear line or a solo dance. It is a constant exchange & how important growth is to sustain it all. Because all the things (un)fold we and love (is) are (a) mere reflection of the self and to maintain it we must face ourselves in/through them.

In Okai’s Words:


1. Your definition of love

Loving someone is truly unconditional. Sometimes the one you love becomes disloyal and you have to find it in your heart to forgive that person. The only way that I would stop loving someone is if they put my physical body in danger. Besides that I am loyal to a fault and ready to forgive. That’s why you have to choose wisely who you decide to love, because love also comes with pain.
2. First time you understood love and why
First time I understood love was my first real break up with a girl that I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with. Although I loved her very much I was dishonest and cheated and it took me a while to let go of that pain of her breaking up with me. It taught me a valuable lesson on honesty and loyalty no matter if it may hurt the person you are with. You have to love them enough to be truthful and hopefully they forgive you.
3. How has the definition of love changed with the birth of your daughter and marriage
The love I have for my daughter is something I never felt before. I am willing to sacrifice anything for her well being. She may disappoint me in the future but nothing she does can stop me from loving her and doing my best to protect her. My daughter is a extra bond that ties me and my wife together. Even if we weren’t married we would have an obligation to try our best to work it out because of this life that we created together. It helps me see a bigger picture of family, dedication and longevity for our love.