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POSTS | Richard Louissaint: Video & Photography - Part 20


© Richard Louissaint, 2013 I closed my eyes listening to the beeping of the machines and my Grandmother “sleeping.” I felt her hand start to squeeze mine and I opened my eyes. She was still, eyes closed, while her hand held tightly to mine. I needed to makes sure I wasn’t just imagining this moment. I pulled my hand but her grip got tighter. “Grandmere?” There was no answer. What was I thinking. Maybe her hand was just acting on reflex. I tried to break free from her grip but it kept getting tighter. And somehow the grip was making …


© Richard Louissaint, 2013 The doors to the nursing home opened to a weathered oak wood  desk with general information flyers pasted in front  and a middle-aged security guard with a receding hairline that resembled the letter V sitting behind it. His voice sounded disinterested  when he asked us to state our business. I looked around as I explained our reason for the visit. An elderly black woman with with a blue and white polka dot head scarf, hiding her most likely balding head, sat in a chair further into the lobby talking loudly about a someone named Charlie. Judging …

Tanya Morgan’s New Video – “Never Too Much” Feat. Nitty Scott, MC

Tanya Morgan is the group to gave me my first ever music album cover and the first music video I ever shot was for member Von Pea. I have yet to shoot a music video (aside from this)  for the group as a whole but maybe that will change in the future. But they have a new album coming this week and this new video below. Simple but cleverly shot video: